One Touch

Complete control at the tips of your fingers. Ilmor's ‘One Touch' joystick vessel control provides the ultimate in maneuverability, all with the smooth, quiet and responsive shifting exclusively found on the ‘One Drive' system.

The ‘One Touch' system offers 360° Rotational Capability (within a boat length), sideways and diagonal movement capability, and independent steering of the drives with independent shifting.

Additionally, the throttle/shift control head allows for flexible engine programming to optimize each boat model, while the MERLIN digital engine display shows a variety of engine data useful to boat owner and servicing dealer alike. Finally, Ilmor's ‘One Touch' system offers an optional back-up throttle/shift panel to allow boat owners to get home safely if the main controls are ever rendered inoperable.

In short, the ‘One Touch' makes docking and close-quarter maneuvering a comfortable, quiet and confident experience on the water.

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