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One Touch PRO

Introducing the One Touch® PRO, Ilmor's enhanced joystick system that delivers exceptionally smooth, quiet and precise sterndrive GPS anchoring, and features the only intelligent trim technology for an unparalleled user experience.


  • Easy, single button engagement
  • Simple and smooth disengagement through joystick or throttle control
  • Three "anchoring" modes
    • Anchor Assist – GPS position lock and heading orientation lock
    • Location Assist – GPS position lock only
    • Heading Assist – Heading orientation lock only
  • Precise GPS positioning with minimal boat movement and shifting noise*
  • Unique display allows captain to monitor real-time position**
  • Displays engine and drive activity as well as boat position relative to starting point, and increases in system activity level based on ambient conditions (good, moderate and extreme)
  • Clear safety notifications flash on screen in case of poor anchoring conditions

  • Simple operator setup and operation through the touch screen
  • Trims drives for maximum fuel efficiency at each boat speed and RPM while maintaining proper bow position
    • Closed loop system “learns” and continually adjusts until optimum drive trim is achieved in current conditions
    • System recognizes rough conditions and automatically adapts drive trim for ride comfort
    • Operator can “refresh” the system to re-learn if conditions change while still underway (e.g., move from rough to smooth water)
  • Operator manual override through drive trim controls

* Anchor Assist is designed to hold the vessel within a 30 foot radius.  GPS position accuracy is wholly dependent on wind and sea conditions, as well as GPS signal strength.  

**The captain/operator should never leave the helm while Anchor Assist is engaged.  Operator and passengers should read and observe all safety warning labels on the vessel before Anchor Assist is engaged. Do not engage Anchor Assist within 100 feet of any object in the water, on land, or overhead. Do not engage Anchor Assist when swimmers or any objects are anywhere near the boat as the moving propellers can cause bodily injury or death.

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