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Custom Inboard

Ilmor offers a complete lineup of powerful Inboard Marine engines to meet the exacting needs demanded by your build

Two Ilmor engines in wooden speedboat
Wooden speedboat driving
Ilmor Mastercraft engine
Wooden speedboat driving

Expect the Best of the Best.

Indy-winning engineering and outstanding performance combine to power the Ilmor Inboard Marine series. Ideal for recreational boating of all kinds, these engines are built to the same exacting engineering standards as our world-renowned race engines. They deliver the highest levels of performance AND reliability, so you spend less time in the service center and more time on the water.

Ilmor's Inboard Marine engines are available for both fresh and salt water (Ocean Performance Series) in displacements of 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, and 6.2L.


Designed With You in Mind

With a high-mount alternator and starter motor, and a conveniently positioned remote-mount oil filter with courtesy tray, our Inboard Marine engines are easy to service. Our custom electronics wiring harness is designed to minimize excess wiring and make it easy to identify connections. Use of an ePDM (Electronic Power Distribution Module) system eliminates the need for caring fuses and helps ensure a great day of boating by making the reset of a blown circuit simple and intuitive.

Service & Warranty

Ilmor Inboard Marine engines come standard with a limited warranty. For all Inboard marine service questions, contact your authorized dealer or Ilmor Marine, LLC at 844.GO.ILMOR (844-464-5667) or view warranty details


Rise above the sea of sameness.


Ilmor is proud to work with a diverse group of esteemed partners.

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