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If you have questions about our products and capabilities, we have the answers. Check out some of the most common service and sales inquiries here.

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How often should maintenance be performed on my Ilmor engine or product?

All Ilmor recreational marine engines and drives are to be serviced after the first 25 hours of operation. Inboard engines are serviced every 50 hours or annually thereafter, by your authorized service center. One Drive engines are serviced every 75 hours or annually thereafter, by your authorized service center. Ilmor One Drive sterndrives are to be serviced every 150 hours thereafter, by your authorized service center. Please consult the maintenance guide in your owner's manual—service intervals for legacy Ilmor MV10 engines may vary—or contact your authorized service center for more information.

Something on my engine/drive has failed. How do I know if it's covered under warranty?

We recommend you contact your dealer or authorized service center to verify whether your repair is covered under Ilmor's limited warranty.

What type of fuel should I run with my Ilmor engine?

For US/CAN: 87-93 Octane unleaded. Do not use leaded gasoline.

Non-US/CAN: 98 RON minimum octane major brand of unleaded regular or premium without alcohol.

PLEASE NOTE: If gasoline with alcohol must be used, be sure to periodically inspect the complete fuel system for leaks. Consult your dealer or authorized service center for long-term storage or winterization procedures. Gasoline containing alcohol levels higher than 10 percent ethanol or methanol (E10) are not to be used in the MV8 engines. E85 fuels are not to be used.

Can I use reformulated or oxygenated fuels?

In certain areas of the United States, reformulated (oxygenated) gasolines are required. The two types of "oxygenates" used in these fuels are alcohol (ethanol) or ether (MTBE or ETBE), and both of these reformulated gasolines are acceptable for use with your Ilmor engine. However, gasoline containing alcohol levels higher than 10 percent ethanol or methanol (E10) are not to be used in Ilmor recreational marine engines. E85 fuels are also not to be used. Please be sure to consult your owner's manual and maintenance guide for additional information, or consult your authorized service center for assistance.

Can I use octane fuel additives?

Ilmor does not recommend octane booster for the products we make as we have not tested its compatibility with our engines, nor can we verify the octane rating of the fuel after it is mixed. Please bear in mind that use of any fuel additives that are not recommended by Ilmor may affect your warranty coverage.

What type of oil should I use?

To obtain optimum engine performance and to provide maximum protection, use Ilmor recommended special blend synthetic as noted in the owner's manual, available at your authorized service center. The oil filter should always be changed with the engine oil. Please be sure to never mix oils, or any other engine fluids, when servicing the engine.

Why do I overfill every time I change the oil, even when following the capacity indicated in the manual?

The owner's manual will detail the approximate capacity of the entire lubrication system. When changing oil, a small amount of oil remains in the oil lines throughout the system, which is why it's difficult to add the indicated amount of oil in the engine without overfilling. You should always add oil when the engine is level. It is important not to overfill or under fill the crankcase. Fill to the correct level by using the indicator marks on the dipstick. Please consult your authorized service center for any additional assistance.

What type of fuel should I run with my Ilmor engine?

All Ilmor engines (5000MPI, 6.0L MPI/-S, 7.4L MPI/-S, 5.3L GDI/-S, and 6.2L GDI/-S) require a minimum of 87 octane gasoline. It is highly recommended to use a minimum of 90 octane gasoline for 6.2L GDI/-S engines. Ilmor recommends 0% Ethanol (E0) gasoline where available. Ilmor prohibits the use of gasoline with ethanol content greater than 10%. The octane number is based on the pump octane number, which is (R + M)/2, where R is the research octane number, and M is the motor octane number. If the engine is subject to heavy usage, the minimum gasoline fuel requirement is Unleaded 90 (R+M)/2 Octane up to 10% Ethanol. Heavy usage is defined as operators using the vessel under the following conditions: loaded with additional ballast and/or weight to achieve total maximum capacity over the OEM specification, commercial or training purposes as defined in the Ilmor warranty, at water temperatures below 55°F (13°C), at elevations greater than 6000 feet (1830 meter) above sea level, and/or wide open throttle operation for more than 5% of total boating time. For optimal performance, 93 octane fuel is recommended.

Which gear lube should I use in my sterndrive?

Consult your owner's manual or contact Ilmor or your authorized service center for the recommend gear lube. Please note, different gear lubes should never be mixed together. Be sure to drain the unit completely if switching from one type of lube to the other.

How do I winterize my Ilmor marine engine?

Because of the complexity of the winterization procedure, we highly recommend you take your Ilmor products to an authorized service center for winter preparation. Additionally, please refer to your owner's manual for additional information. Failure to winterize your engines properly may result in severe engine damage, which will affect your warranty

How often should I change my sacrificial anodes?

Anodes calcify (a white build-up) which renders them useless, especially if the boat is in and out of the water frequently. The anodes on Ilmor products should be inspected often and replaced when 50% consumed. Calcification can be sanded off if the anodes are still greater than 50% whole. Please note: do not paint anodes as this will render them useless. We suggest you consult your authorized service center for additional information and assistance.

What should I do after running my engine in salt water?

Ilmor Marine engines should be flushed with freshwater after each saltwater use for maximum corrosion protection. A salt neutralizer like Salt-Away® should be used. Also, the engine should be sprayed down with corrosion protector, minimizing the amount of spray on the belts. Consult your dealer or authorized service center for additional information and assistance.

Why do I have to periodically check my engine alignment and lubricate the engine coupler?

Over time, the engine, transom, and sterndrive can become misaligned. To maximize engine coupler life, it is critical that the engine alignment be as accurate as possible. We recommend using approved spline grease for proper lubrication. This is an important maintenance item and should be monitored properly, especially during annual service appointments and if you ever sense/hear an abnormal vibration during operation.

PLEASE NOTE: Damage caused by improper alignment or lack of lubrication is not covered under the limited warranty.

Can I use auto parts on my Ilmor marine engine?

Electrical, ignition, and fuel system components on Ilmor Marine engines are designed and manufactured to comply with U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations to minimize risks of fire or explosion. Use of replacement electrical, ignition, or fuel system components, which do not comply with these rules and regulations, could result in a fire or explosion hazard and is prohibited by federal law. Please note that use of any non-authorized part may also affect your warranty coverage. Consult your authorized service center for additional information and assistance.

What kind of spare parts should I carry on my boat?

Anything can happen on the water, so it's best to be prepared. Consult your dealer or authorized service center for recommendations.

Will modification of my engine or sterndrive affect the warranty?

Ilmor Marine warranty coverage does not apply to damage or failures caused by use of an accessory or a part not manufactured or sold by Ilmor. Consult your dealer or authorized service center for additional information or assistance.

Can I do my own maintenance and repairs?

Ilmor recreational marine engines and driveline products are complex and technologically advanced machines, requiring special tools and expertise. As your safety is extremely important to us, we recommend only Ilmor-certified technicians perform maintenance or service work.

Where is the engine serial number located?

The engine serial number for inboard engines is located on the starboard side of the engine, affixed onto the side of the intake plenum.  For GDI engines, it is located under the top cover.  For One Drive engines, it is located on the heat exchanger . Additional details can be found in your owner's manual. Please contact your authorized service center for more information.