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One-Drive 1
	One-Drive 2
	One-Drive 3
One-Drive 1
	One-Drive 2
	One-Drive 3

The hydrodynamic One-Drive® system features a unique electromagnetically actuated hydraulic clutch for exceptional smoothness and quiet operation. Especially noticeable in the twin engine configuration, the hydraulic clutch system quietly engages and disengages gears at an incredibly responsive two-shifts-per-second.

Each drive is outfitted with precision-forged gears for exceptional durability, counter-rotating propellers for superior acceleration, and large rudder dimensions for excellent handling on single and twin engine boats. The One-Drive transom has a significantly larger exhaust output than comparable systems, minimizing backpressure for improved engine performance. The system is also equipped with the latest in active and passive corrosion protection, and is complete with power-assisted steering and hydraulic trim.

In short, the One-Drive offers a driving experience that sets it apart, and above, other sterndrives in the market. Additionally, the Ilmor One-Drive can be customized with an added aesthetic effect.



Maximum Input Speed6000 RPM
Gear Ratios1.78 / 1.97 / 2.18
Steering Angle30 degrees
Tilt Angle51 degrees (industry standard = 37 degrees)
Trim Zone–6 degrees to 10 degrees
Propeller SystemCounter rotating twin propellers
Propeller Range22 / 24 / 26 / 28 inches
Propeller InputCounter clockwise
Front Propeller RotationCounter clockwise
Rear Propeller RotationClockwise
Clutch SystemHydraulic multi-friction plate
Shift Control SystemElectromagnetic
Power Steering SystemMechanical cable with hydraulic power assist (single engine installation)
Trim / Tilt SystemHydraulic
Exhaust SystemIntegral through hub
Water Pick-up SystemIntegral through drive
Anti-Corrosion SystemHard anodized and electronic active control
Weight253 lbs (with fluids)

The Ilmor One-Drive utilizes sterndrive components provided by engineering partner Yanmar Marine, already in operation with their diesel sterndrive systems, which attests to the product's reliability and durability. The One-Drive system is US EPA, CARB and EU-RCD emissions compliant, as well as EU-RCD sound emissions compliant with through-propeller exhaust.

All illustrations and specifications are based on product information available at the time of publication. Ilmor Marine, LLC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in materials, equipment, specifications, and models. Optional equipment may be shown.

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