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Environmental Commitment

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability.

Ilmor has worked diligently to develop and produce a series of emissions-compliant high-performance and recreational marine engines. All of our marine engines are compliant with U.S. EPA, California and European emissions standards. In 2016, Ilmor began production of the GDI engine series, the first production marine gasoline engines to achieve the highest available 5-Star emissions rating from CARB. Additionally, our MV8-5.7L, 5.3L GDI, and BSO 6.0L engines are all compliant with the especially stringent BSO regulations in the Lake Constance (Bodensee) area in Europe. As part of our commitment to emissions excellence and long-term sustainability, Ilmor has partnered with the nonprofit conservation organization American Forests to assist with their global reforestation efforts.

Every time an Ilmor engine is sold, several trees will be planted to offset the carbon footprint of that engine over its expected lifecycle. Ilmor's contributions include over 80,000 trees, split between three projects within our home state. The Abbey Road Old Growth Project is based out of Huron Manistee National Forest in Michigan. This ecosystem was damaged by beetle infestation and root fungus, and American Forests plans to plant white pine and white spruce across 29 acres to restore these important wetlands. Our second partnership project is the West Beech Bark Disease Diversity Plantings, located in Hiawatha National Forest in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

American Forests is committed to reforesting 776 acres of white pine, eastern hemlock, and northern red oak damaged by Beech Bark Disease. This tremendous effort will help maintain the local species diversity and protect against further disease outbreak, fire, or invasive species. The latest contribution is to the Riparian ReLeaf Project, also in the Hiawatha National Forest, which introduces native white pine, hemlock, and white and black spruce to riparian areas of the forest to counter historic logging effects. The trees will enhance the riparian ecosystem by providing thermal regulation and, over time, in-stream large wood. Ilmor will continue to donate trees with every engine sale yearly, with opportunities to assess and extend our partnerships in the future. We will provide additional updates as to the progress of these projects or any new undertakings with American Forests. For a brief video overview of American Forests' work, watch this!

American Forests

American Forests protects and restores urban and rural forests. Founded in 1875, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country has served as a catalyst for many of the most important milestones in the conservation movement. Learn more at