Ilmor MV8

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Cooling System

Featuring a belt-driven raw water pump, allowing a better match of pump speed to engine speed, increasing cooling effectiveness and equipment longevity.

Easily-Accessible Service Area

The oil filter, fuses, relays and circuit breakers are designed and positioned for easy access.

EControls ECU

Supports a wide range of speed control options, and offers precise control of fuel delivery, ignition, and drive by wire throttle, as well as excellent idle quality. It also integrates seamlessly with ZeroOff, Perfect Pass, and MasterCraft cruise functions.

Exhaust Manifold

Uniquely designed cast iron, water cooled and catalyst equipped, thermostatically controlled exhaust manifolds provide superior corrosion resistance and durability.

Intake Manifold and Plenum

The intake manifold is unique to marine engine design, tuned by Ilmor to tailor the power/torque curve for maximum performance.

Oil Cooling System

The “tandem” engine and transmission oil cooler provides increased performance at high loads for extended intervals.

Remote Mount Thermostat

The Ilmor-designed remote thermostat keeps the exhaust manifolds warm, reducing catalyst damaging condensation.

“True” Serpentine Auto- tensioning Belt System

The serpentine belt system is designed to increase overall efficiency and simplify serviceability.

Variable Valve Timing

The dual-equal hydraulic cam phaser adjusts camshaft timing at same rate for intake and exhaust valves; advancing cam timing for low end torque and retarding cam timing for high RPM horsepower (exclusive to the 6.0L).
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Inboard Marine Let them eat wake.

Indy-winning engineering and outstanding performance combine to power the Ilmor Inboard Marine series. Ideal for competitive water sports and recreational boating of all kinds, these engines are built to the same exacting engineering standards as our world-renowned Legacy engines. They deliver the highest levels of performance AND reliability, so you spend less time in the service center and more time on the water.

Our state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot marine engine assembly and test facility opened in Mooresville, N.C. is specifically committed to manufacturing this new series of inboard GM-based V8 engines.

Ilmor's Inboard Marine engines are available for both fresh and salt water (Ocean Performance Series) in displacements of 5.7L, 6.0L, and 6.2L (7.4L available in open cooled only).

Standard Features

  • Uniquely designed cast iron,  catalyst equipped , and thermostatically controlled exhaust manifolds
  • Front accessory drive with "true" serpentine auto-tensioning belt
  • Advanced engine protection: Over temperature protection mode, knock detection with auto-protect and soft rev limiter
  • Multi-port sequential fuel injection for improved fuel distribution and improve engine air in-take, maximizing engine performance and fuel economy
  • Common remote-mount thermostat cooling system with belt-driven raw water pump offering reduced exhaust condensation and increased pump durability
  • Super Ultra Low Emissions, which meets EPA, CARB and EU emissions regulations

Designed with you in mind

With a high-mount alternator and starter motor, and conveniently positioned remote-mount oil filter with courtesy tray, our Inboard Marine engines are easy to service. Our custom electronics wiring harness is designed to minimize excess wiring, and make it easy to identify connections. Fuses, relays and circuit breakers are housed in a compact and centrally located fuse box, with easily identifiable fuses and a 50-amp resettable circuit breaker to prevent temporary problems and ensure an enjoyable day of boating.

Service and Warranty

Ilmor Inboard Marine engines come standard with a limited warranty. For all Inboard Marine or MV8 service questions, contact your authorized dealer or Ilmor Marine, LLC at 844.GO.ILMOR (464-5667).

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