MV8 6.0L and 6.0L OPS

*Note: The inboard MV8 6.0L and 6.0L OPS are no longer produced for MasterCraft Boat Company as of 2017MY.  For a comparable power and torque engine for MasterCraft Boats, please view the 5500GDI.

The MV8 6.0L takes your on-water experience to the next level, exclusively featuring variable valve timing for extra performance.The dual-equal hydraulic cam phaser that adjusts camshaft timing at same rate for intake and exhaust valves; advancing cam timing for low end torque and retarding cam timing for high RPMhorsepower. Like the 5.7L, the 6.0L has been certified for tournament use by the American Water Ski Association.

The Ilmor MV8 Ocean Performance Series (OPS) engines are designed for salt-water use or other closed cooled applications. Available in all three displacement variants, OPS engines provide superior temperature control compared to an open cooled system and enhance catalyst performance through temperature control. The OPS engines also ensure fuel and spark optimization throughout the engines' operating range. Finally, OPS engines offer full system corrosion protection and utilize environmentally friendly coolant.

Displacement 5.98L
Power Rating 285 kW @ 5200 RPM (382 HP)
Peak Torque 411 ft-lbs @ 4400 RPM

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