MV8 570

Ilmor's naturally aspirated, high-performance 570 hp engine is hand-built in our race engine shop and is based around GM's Performance Parts modern LS architecture cylinder block. All of the internal components are Ilmor-designed and are manufactured using higher strength materials, such as forged steel and forged aluminum, for long-term durability. The MV8 570 also utilizes sophisticated engine technologies like variable valve timing for overall enhanced performance, providing increased lower end torque and high RPM horsepower. The result is a fuel-efficient, compact and lightweight engine, in a beautifully dressed package.

Maximum Power570 HP @ 6000 RPM (419 kW @ 6000 RPM)
Peak Torque564 ft-lbs @ 4400 RPM (765 Nm @ 4400 RPM)
Full Throttle RPM Range5500-6000 RPM, 6100 RPM Limit
Engine Capacity454 cubic inches (7.4 liters)
Bore and Stroke4.185"/4.125"
Compression Ratio10.7:1
Engine Configuration90° V-8
Block and Head MaterialsCast Iron Block; Aluminum Heads
Crank and Connecting RodsForged Steel
PistonsForged Alloy
Alternator95 Amps
Engine Controller4th Gen. E-Ctontrols
Emissions StandardCalifornia ARB 3-Star Ultra Low Emissions, EPA and EU RCD (CE) Certified
Fuel TypeUnleaded 87-93 Octane
Stern DriveTeague Platinum / IMCO SCX/SC
Engine Weight (with fluids)830 lbs (376 kg)
Intake ManifoldsCast Aluminum
Engine ColorIlmor Red
Engine MountPlug-in bellhousing, cast feet set-up, other standard mounts available.
Optional Upgrades

570 X Dress Upgrade

Sport Tube Exhaust, Polished Components, Billet Pulleys and Caps, Custom Engine Covers
Custom Engine ColorsPlatinum, LimeTime Green, Tangelo, Violette, TrueBlue and other custom colors

All illustrations and specifications are based on product information available at the time of publication. Ilmor Marine, LLC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in materials, equipment, specifications, and models. Optional equipment may be shown.