Fuel Systems

The various racing and production based programs in which Ilmor has participated over the years have given our development engineers first-hand experience of running and optimizing engines using many different types of EFI fuel systems.

EFI Electronics Expertise

Ilmor has amassed significant experience with EFI fuel system integration and calibration. From prototype installation and testing to complete certification of marine engine emissions, including legislative compliance, Ilmor engineers can provide the expertise necessary to complete any vehicle or vessel based program.

Full Vehicle System Integration

Our team of vehicle electronics personnel is capable of providing the full range of services to complete a new vehicle design, installation and calibration of all vehicle based electronics systems. Expertise includes:

  • System design and specification
  • Wiring design and manufacture
  • System installation
  • Vehicle calibration
  • CAN system development
  • Engine calibration
  • Vehicle testing

Emissions Calibration and Testing

Ilmor can provide engine test facilities that are equipped with the latest in engine test technology for EFI system calibration. Utilizing the latest AVL test systems our engine test facility can handle up to 1,000 HP and 15,000 RPM. We utilize the latest AVL compliant emissions bench, allowing emissions test certification of gasoline marine engines for US 50 states and the European Union.

Expertise and equipment includes:

  • ETAS oxygen sensors bench
  • AVL PUMA "open" dyno control
  • Transient and steady state calibration
  • Fuel injector mass flow measuring
  • Combustion air technology with ability to pressurize inlet condition to 1045mBar at 750HP
  • 40CFR part 1065 compliant AVL emissions bench

System Level Software Writing Expertise

Software control of powertrain systems is a key element in any development program. Our engineers have expertise in MatLab / Simulink for the creation of control system software. We have a vast experience of vehicle based control system specification and implementation, including J1939 and NMEA2000 CAN protocols, and are able to offer concept to completion programs in-house.