About Us

Ilmor Engineering, Inc. is globally recognized provider of high-performance engines. We deliver innovative solutions, precision design and manufacturing, and the highest levels of customer support for each and every one of our products, and we continually seek new and better ways to maximize power, durability and efficiency in everything we do.

Originally formed from Mario Illien and Paul Morgan's partnership with Roger Penske, Ilmor was founded to build turbocharged engines for the American-based IndyCar series, and served as the power behind many winning drivers and teams. Today, we employ more than 90 engineering, assembly and support personnel, and have expanded into several other open wheel racing circuits, including NASCAR, ARCA, Kart, Midget and Desert Truck.

We've applied our race-winning technology and understanding of rigorous operating conditions to our line of world championship high-performance marine engines and competition-approved recreational marine engines. 

Whether on land or at sea, Ilmor continues to innovate better and more efficient solutions, and to exceed expectations for reliability, precision, and overall performance. Our customers count on our engines to look like no other, sound like no other, and out-perform ALL the others.

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Mario Illien, Paul Morgan, Roger Penske and General Motors form Ilmor Engineering, Ltd. in Northampton England, to design and build turbocharged Chevrolet engines for IndyCars.


4-time Indy winner Al Unser is first to race with the Ilmor-designed Chevrolet 265A engine.


Mario Andretti wins the Long beach GP, the first win for an Ilmor engine.


Rick Mears driving a Penske PC17 gives Ilmor its first Indy 500 win.


Ilmor Engineering, Inc. is incorporated in the U.S. and opens its headquarters in Redford, Michigan.


Ilmor designs its first Formula One V-10 engine and enters an agreement to race the engine, starting in 1991, with a team owned by Japanese real estate company Leyton House.


Chevrolet makes the decision to quit IndyCar racing at the end of the season.


Ilmor partners with Mercedes-Benz to race the MB500I "push-rod" engine. M-B would become a full-partner of Ilmor at the end of 1994 to race both IndyCars and Formula One.


Ilmor begins a relationship with Penske Racing South to develop new engine technology for their NASCAR race team.


Ilmor Engineering, Inc. moves into its custom designed headquarters in Plymouth, MI.


Ilmor-designed Mercedes-Benz engine wins Formula One World Championship with driver Mika Hakkinen and the McLaren Formula One team.


Mercedes-Benz leaves IndyCar racing to focus its efforts on Formula One. Ilmor Special Projects Group is formed to handle all non-Formula One Ilmor programs.


Ilmor enters the Indy Racing League competing with an Ilmor version of the Oldsmobile Indy engine.


Ilmor founding partner Paul Morgan tragically dies while flying one of his beloved military fighter aircraft.


Ilmor enters the High-Performance marine sector by building V-8 race engines for APBA "SuperCat" Series.


Ilmor and Honda Performance Development (HPD) form a partnership to design, develop and race Honda Indy engines in the Indy Racing League series starting in the 2003 season.


Mercedes-Benz is handed control of Ilmor's UK company through a phased buy-out program.


Debut of the 550 HP MV10 550 marine engine at the Miami Boat Show.


Roger Penske and Mario Illien re-purchase Special Projects Group from Mercedes-Benz, along with rights to the Ilmor name, and reform Ilmor Engineering, Ltd.


Ilmor introduces the MV10 625 and the hand-built MV7-10 marine engines.


MV10 625 engines power the winner of the 2007 Powerboat P1 Evolution Class World Championship.


Ilmor enters USAC Midget, ARCA Stock Car and Baja Desert Race Series.


Design and development of GM-based inboard MV8 marine engines begins.


MV10 625 engines win the 2008 Powerboat P1 Evolution Class World Championship and the APBA P1 Class World Championship in Key West, FL.


Ilmor and Viper Motorcycles begin joint venture to produce 152 cubic inch V-Twin engine.


Ilmor introduces the new MV10 650 and MV10 725 emissions certified (EPA, CARB, EU) high-performance marine engines, and the new "INDY®" Stern Drive.


MV10 570 engines win the Powerboat P1 World Championship SuperSport class.


Ilmor ships first production 152 cubic inch V-Twin to Viper Motorcycles.


Ilmor Engineering announces start of MV8 production for MasterCraft Boat Company at Ilmor Marine, LLC. in Mooresville, NC.


Ilmor signs multi-year Indy racing agreement with Chevrolet commencing in the 2012 racing season.


Ilmor Marine becomes the exclusive engine supplier to MasterCraft Boats, and launches the wholly new to market MV8 7.4L engine.


Partnered with Chevrolet, Ilmor begins testing and racing the new IndyCar engine, after completing 8 years of partnership with Honda Performance Development (127 wins, 6 seasons without a race-day failure).

2012 - 2015

Chevrolet and Ilmor win 43 IndyCar races, two Indy 500's, 3 IndyCar driver's championships and four IndyCar Manufacturers Series Championships.


Ilmor High Performance Marine introduces the MV8-570 engine, the most powerful naturally-aspirated gasoline production small-block engine today.

Ilmor creates a 'custom' race engine ship to cater to a growing list of circle-track, road racing and powerboat racing customers.  Ilmor-built engines have powered multiple race winners across several race series in 2014-2015. 
The ARCA Ilmor 396 wins the first race of the season, the ARCA Daytona 200, and every series race thereafter for an undefeated 2015 season.
Ilmor Marine celebrates the production of its 10,000th MV8 marine engine in August.