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MERLIN Digital Dashboard

Ilmor's slick, touch-screen display makes it easy to track and monitor your engine's performance.

Merlin Dashboard
Merlin Formula Boat
Merlin Dashboard Screen
Merlin Dashboard Throttle

Total Control at Your Fingertips.

The MERLIN Digital Dashboard is Ilmor's fully electronic, CAN-based instrumentation panel compatible with all current Ilmor Marine One-Drive®, Custom Inboard and High Performance engine products, and standard with all One-Touch® joystick systems. This multi-function display uses touch-screen interactivity to impart critical information about your Ilmor engine's performance. Users can customize the display to monitor the parameters they choose in either a traditional analog or digital text-based view. Large buttons on the sides of the frame help users toggle easily between screens while the boat is underway or in rougher boating conditions. 

The MERLIN also offers data logging standard, a great tool for both trip and usage history. MERLIN also displays real-time fuel burn data, which can help owners both optimize their cruising settings and calculate their boat's actual fuel range. Finally, the MERLIN Digital Dashboard is a great tool for service centers that need access to trip history, engine usage, and real-time engine diagnostics. And, in case of any issues, data can be easily downloaded and sent to Ilmor for further investigation and problem solving.



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