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Pump Assembly, Raw Water (Closed Cooled)

Pump Assembly, Raw Water (Closed Cooled)

For Closed Cooled Engines.Available in charcoal only.
Pump Assembly, Raw Water
Part #MV8V-1121(P)

Please contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Compatible With:

  • MV8 5.7L OPS
  • MV8 6.0L OPS
  • MV8 6.2L OPS
  • 7000MPI / MV8 7.4L


Raw Water Pump Assembly 7.4:
Parts Required:
#PV05914 Plug, Hex Socket 1/8" Npt Brass (Quantity needed: 2)
#98332035 Bolt, Hfh M8x1.25x35mm GR10.9 (Quantity needed: 2)
#PE01122 Pulley, RW Pump 7.4L (Quantity needed: 1)
#98337025 Bolt, Hfh M8x1.25x25mm GR10.9 (Quantity needed: 4)
Tools Required:
567 Loctite
243 Loctite
3/16" Allen socket
13mm socket
Torque Wrenches
Torque Specs:
30 ft-lbs
24 ft-lbs