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Pulley, Crankshaft

Pulley, Crankshaft

Part #PE01124

Please contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Compatible With:

  • 5000MPI / MV8 5.7L
  • MV8 5.7L OPS


Crankshaft Pulley Installation 5.7: 
Parts Required:
#90338125 Bolt, Hxh 3/8-24x1-1/4" GR8 (Quantity needed: 3)
#90438250 Bolt, Hfh 7/16-20x2-1/2" GR8 (Quantity needed: 1)
#92400100 Washer, Flat 7/16" Narrow (Quantity needed: 1)
Tools Required:
5/8" Socket
9/16" Socket
Torque Wrenches
Loctite 243
Silver Grade Anti-Seize
Torque Specs:
43 ft-lbs on bolts 90338125
70 ft-lbs on bolt 90412250
Used with:
Pulley, Raw Water Pump part #PE01120 (Quantity needed: 1)