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Hose, Bulk  3/4

Hose, Bulk 3/4

Price listed as "per inch". Dealer must specify number of inches requested by changing the quantity in the cart. Quantity = Length of hose requested.
Part #MV8V-1071

Please contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Compatible With:

  • 5.7L MPI
  • 5.7L MPI OPS
  • 6.0L MPI
  • 6.0L MPI OPS
  • 6.2L MPI
  • 6.2L MPI OPS
  • 7.4L MPI


Water Splitter Hose Assembly 6.0/6.2:
Parts Required:
#PE01483 Hose, Fmd-Spr RWP/Circ-Pump 6.0/6.2 (Quantity needed: 1) 
#PE01484 Hose, Fmd Cir-Pump Out/Splitter In (Quantity needed: 1)
#PE01485 Hose, Fmd Int-Manif/ Exh Manif Port (Quantity needed: 1)
#MV8V-1151 Clamp, Hose 30.1mm (Quantity needed: 2)
#MV8V-1039 Clamp, Hose #20 (Quantity needed: 2)
#MV8V-1036 Clamp, Hose #24 (Quantity needed: 2)
Tools Required:
Oetiker Pliers
5/16" Nut Driver
Torque Specs:
Water Splitter Hose Assembly 7.4:
**Quantity needed: 42" ** 
Parts required:
#PE01485 Hose, Fmd Int-Manif/Exh Manif Port (Quantity needed: 1)
#MV8V-1151 Clamp, Hose (Quantity needed: 2)
#PE01912 Hose, Fmd Oil Cir/Splitter (Quantity needed: 1)
#MV8V-1036 Clamp, Hose #24 (Quantity needed: 1)
Tools Required:
Oetiker Pliers
5/16 nut driver
Used with:
Valve Assembly, Check 1/2 part #PV06472 (Quantity needed: 4.5")
Thermostat Housing 7.4L part #SUB030 (Quantity needed: 12.5")
Valve Asm, Check 1/2" Fnpt 7psi (Quantity needed: 6") 
(Hose, Fmd Exh-Manif/Stat Hsg Port part #PE01487,  Hosem Fmd Exh-Manif/Stat Hsg Stbd part #PE01488,  Hose, Fmd HT-Exch/DTA VD Port part #PE01622,  Hose, Fmd HT-Exch/DTA VD Stbd part #PE01623) (Quantity needed: 96")

WARNING: This product can expose you to engine exhaust, during operation, containing chemicals including carbon monoxide, benzene, and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to