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Fitting, Barb Straight 3/8

Fitting, Barb Straight 3/8

Part #PV06011

Please contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Compatible With:

  • 5000MPI / MV8 5.7L
  • MV8 5.7L OPS


Fitting, Barb Straight 3/8" H X 3/8" H 5.7:
Parts Required:
#PV06478 Clamp, Hose 19.2mm (Quantity needed: 2)
#PV06355 Clamp, Hose #6 (Quantity needed: 2) 
#MV8V-1198 Hose, Bulk 3/8" SAE J20 (Quantity needed: 2pcs, 10.5")
Tools Required:
Oetiker Pliers
1/4" Nut Driver 
Torque Specs: