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Clamp, Hose 28MM Oetiker

Clamp, Hose 28MM Oetiker

Part #MV8V-1151

Please contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Compatible With:

  • 5000MPI / MV8 5.7L
  • MV8 5.7L OPS
  • MV8 6.0L
  • MV8 6.0L OPS
  • MV8 6.2L
  • MV8 6.2L OPS
  • 7000MPI / MV8 7.4L


Clamp, Hose 28MM Oetiker
Used with:
Valve Assembly, Check 1/2 part #PV06472 (Quantity needed: 4) 
Hose, Fmd Exh-Manif/Stat Hsg Port part #PE01487 (Quantity needed: 2) 
Hose, Fmd Stat Hsg 3LWR/Cir-Pump Adp part #PE01491 (Quantity needed: 2)
Fitting, Barb St 3/4" H x 1/2" NPT part #PV06008 (Quantity needed: 2) 
(Hose, Fmd Int-Manif/Exh Manif Port part #PE01485,  Hose Bulk 3/4 SAE J20 part #MV8V-1071  and Hose, Fmd Oil Cir/Splitter part #PE01912) (Quantity needed:2)
Thermostat Housing 7.4L part #SUB030 (Quantity needed: 2) 
Valve Asm, Check 1/2" Fnpt 7psi part #PV06472 (Quantity needed: 2) 
(Hose, Fmd Exh-Manif/Stat Hsg Port part #PE01487,  Hosem Fmd Exh-Manif/Stat Hsg Stbd part #PE01488,  Hose, Fmd HT-Exch/DTA VD Port part #PE01622,  Hose, Fmd HT-Exch/DTA VD Stbd part #PE01623) (Quantity needed: 1)