MasterCraft and Ilmor Marine Unveil All-New High Performance 7.4L

September 15, 2011

Vonore, TN – On the heels of the 2012 X-Star launch, MasterCraft and Ilmor jointly announce the official release of Ilmor Marine’s latest power plant, the MV8 7.4L.  After successfully launching the Ilmor Marine MV8 line in 2010, Ilmor’s team of engineers was challenged by MasterCraft to develop the next revolutionary engine.  The result?  The high-performance 522 horsepower MV8 7.4L -  the most powerful catalyzed production marine engine available today that also offers low emissions with the durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency of the existing MV8 line.

Decades of successful automotive race engine development and production, as well as nearly ten years of High-Performance marine drivetrain design, made Ilmor uniquely suited to take on this challenge.   The MV8 7.4L is entirely unique to the water sports world.   Every component is manufactured using superior materials, like forged steel, for long-term durability.  During development, engines were rigorously durability tested both on dynamometers to ensure performance reliability and in boats by MasterCraft’s professional athletes. 

Travis Moye, the famed wakeboard tournament driver and owner of the Boarding School, is completely sold on the MV8 7.4L.  “I have been running the 7.4L Ilmor all summer and I have been blown away by the pure power of it,” says Moye.  “But, more than the power, I have been amazed by the efficiency. Whether unweighted or fully ballasted, I am running such low rpm's that I have noticed a huge improvement in gas consumption. Anyone who says a performance block isn't the way to go hasn't used this one.”

Ilmor also chose to apply variable valve timing, unusual in engines over 500hp, for overall enhanced performance, providing increased lower end torque and high RPM horsepower. Additionally, the 87-octane compatible, naturally-aspirated engine architecture causes less wear-and-tear on internal engine parts in a fuel-efficient package.

Though not required for emissions compliance, Ilmor elected to deploy an exhaust system equipped with three-stage catalysts on the MV8 7.4L.  In fact, the engine produces nearly 70% lower Carbon Monoxide emissions than engines of comparable size and purpose, a major benefit to boarders and surfers behind the boat. 

Finally, Ilmor is all about the details.  The MV8 7.4L engine is hand-built in the same shop and to the same standards as the racecar engines which have won over 250 IndyCar races and 17 Indy 500s.  The result is the game-changing MV8 7.4L engine that will provide huge muscle in an incredibly reliable package and will confidently power MasterCraft boats no matter how much weight aspiring wakeboarders want to throw at it.


  • At 522hp (390kW), the 7.4L is the most powerful catalyzed production marine engine available today
  • The superior design and materials of Ilmor-developed internal components provide unsurpassed performance and parts reliability:
    • Forged steel crankshaft
    • Forged pistons
    • Forged steel connecting rods
  • The naturally aspirated engine architecture provides more horsepower, better fuel economy, and longer parts durability than comparable supercharged engines
  • The 7.4L conforms to EPA, CARB and EU emissions standards, producing nearly 70% lower Carbon Monoxide emissions than other gasoline engines of comparable horsepower – a benefit for wake surfers and boarders riding its massive wakes
  • Each engine is hand built to the same quality standards as our IndyCar engines
  • 87 octane-compatible, offering the thrill of high-performance power without breaking the bank
  • Sophisticated variable valve timing for overall enhanced performance – increased lower end torque and high RPM horsepower


MasterCraft strives to deliver consumers the ultimate water sports experience by designing and building the world’s highest quality, best performing sports luxury boats in every significant inboard niche.  Tours of MasterCraft’s world headquarters in Vonore, Tennessee, are available Monday-Thursday from 2pm to 4pm.  For more information, model specifications, high- and low-res digital images or 35mm running and detail shots, please contact Josh Shave at 423-884-2221 Ext. 1115 or

Ilmor Marine, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ilmor Engineering, Inc., is headquartered at its marine engine assembly and test facility in Mooresville, NC.  Ilmor Engineering is best known for its success in high performance engineering and motorsports. In addition to ongoing advancements in racing technologies, the company also supplies products to the high performance marine industry and provides engineering consultancy services to major automotive OEMs. The Ilmor family of companies employ over 150 employees worldwide at facilities in MI, NC and the UK.  For more information about Ilmor and its products and services, visit 

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    Although he's one of the younger athletes on the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, Harley Clifford can always be found at or near the top of the podium. Harley's MasterCraft is powered by an Ilmor MV8 7.4L OPS.

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