"INDY®" Stern Drive

Ilmor's "INDY®" high-performance stern drive and transmission system works in perfect unison with the Ilmor MV10 engine series. Every part of the "INDY®" drive system has been custom designed to withstand the rigors of high-performance boating.

Ilmor engineers have worked hard to make this the most efficient high-performance drive available. It provides super smooth forward and reverse shifting through the Ilmor hydraulic dry sump transmission. Power loss is kept to an absolute minimum by use of dry sump technology in the lower drive unit and a torque splitting twin shaft system, providing the smallest underwater "bullet" shape possible.

In 2016, Ilmor discontinued new production MV10 engines and “INDY Stern Drive systems.” However, parts, service, support and warranty coverage will continue to all existing customers. For additional information, please contact Ilmor at 844-GO-ILMOR (464-5667).  
Gear Ratios 1.29, 1.39, 1.50, 1.64 Bevel Gear
Lubrication Pressure Fed/Ilmor Dry Sump
Lower Unit Torque Split: Twin Spiral Bevel Gear
Oil Reservoir/Cooling Integral
Steering Rams Stainless Steel/2.00" diameter
Trim Ram Hard Anodized Alloy/2.125" diameter
Propshaft Type Fits All Cleaver Type Props
"X" Spacer Sizes 0.50", 1.00", 2.00" Billet Alloy
Mounting Systems Plug-In, Driveline
Drive and Transmission Weight 426 lbs
Tie Bar Mount Stainless Steel Custom Billet

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