Ilmor 152 V-Twin

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159 ft-lbs torque / 117 HP

With 159 ft-lbs of torque and 117 HP, the Ilmor V-Twin delivers dramatic low end power and exceptional top end performance, making it one of the most powerful and reliable production engines today.

45 Degrees

The Ilmor V-Twin cylinders are set at 45 degrees for a true custom cruiser appearance.

Digitally Calibrated Ignition

The Ilmor V-Twin utilizes a digitally calibrated electronic ignition for consistent performance.

EPA Compliant

The Ilmor 152 V-Twin meets all current EPA emission standards.

Exclusive Appearance Package

Each cylinder head features engraved Ilmor branding for an exclusive appearance package unique to Viper Motorcycles.

HSR 45 Flat Slide Carburetor

The Ilmor V-Twin utilizes a HSR 45 Flat Slide carburetor for superior throttle response.

Iron Cylinder Sleeves w/Forged Pistons

The Ilmor V-Twin utilizes honed iron cylinder sleeves with forged pistons for overall increased engine durability.

One of the Most Powerful V-Twins

Ilmor's V-Twin engine displacement is 152 cubic inches, making it one of the most powerful production V-Twin engines on the market.

Only 165 lbs (dry weight)

The 152 V-Twin is only 165 lbs (dry weight) — a lightweight package delivering unparalleled performance.

Polished Billet Aluminum

The 152 V-Twin is an all billet aluminum design, manufactured by Ilmor and polished for a breathtaking appearance.

Reduced Vibration

The Ilmor 152 V-Twin crankshaft utilizes an oversized crank pin for durability and has a unique balance formula for dramatically reduced vibration levels.

Standard Mount

The Ilmor V-Twin utilizes a standard mount for compatibility with future aftermarket installations currently in development.

Engine Oil System

The dry-sump scavenge system utilizes three pump stages. The first stage is for oil feed with twin stages for independent drainage of the heads and crankcase. This unique system provides superior cooling to the cylinder heads, resulting in greater reliability and longevity.

V-Twin Valve Train

The Ilmor V-Twin valve train features hydraulic roller tappets to minimize maintenance requirements.
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Motorcycle The perfect combination of beauty and beast.

When it comes to designing and manufacturing performance-driven engines, Ilmor Engineering is at the top of the game. Leading manufacturers have come to depend on us for the quality, performance and stand-out appearance their customers demand. We've recently applied our unique capabilities of precision engineering and artful design to the classic V-Twin motorcycle engine.

We apply the same passion for design and engineering excellence to bike engines as we do to high-performance racing and marine engines. Simply put, our reputation speaks for itself.

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