Ilmor MV10

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Ilmor Control Electronics ("ICE")

"ICE" controls all electronic systems, including drive-by-wire throttle, closed loop knock, closed loop emissions, On Board Diagnostics, transmission / drive integration and dashboard.

160 Amp Alternator

The standard 160 amp alternator is one of the most powerful alternators offered on high-performance marine engines.

26 Spline Prop Shaft

The standard 26 spline prop shaft is designed for use with all commonly available "cleaver" propellers.

All Aluminum Engine

The Ilmor MV10 engine is a lightweight, all aluminum engine: 810 lbs (367 kg), including headers and all fluids.

All-Billet Tie-Bar Mount

The elegant, and practical, all-billet tie-bar mount is designed and manufactured by Ilmor High-Performance.

Anti-Vapor Lock

The Ilmor Anti-Vapor Lock System supplies vapor-free fuel directly to the fuel injectors for trouble-free starting (available on Gen IV engines only).

Carbon Fiber Accessory Covers

Custom designed carbon fiber accessory covers are available on all MV10 engines.

Cooling System

The closed oil and engine water cooling system provides optimum engine temperature control and maximum corrosion protection.

Dry Sump Technology

Power loss is kept to an absolute minimum by use of dry sump technology in the lower drive unit and a torque splitting twin shaft system, providing the smallest underwater "bullet" shape possible.

Dry-Sumped Transmission

The Ilmor dry-sumped transmission, designed to complement the "INDY®" Stern Drive, provides super smooth forward and reverse shifting, together with low parasitic losses.

Engine Mounts

All MV10 engines are available with the most commonly used engine mounts as part of the standard package configuration. Custom mounts are available as an upgrade.

EU-RCD Certified Most Powerful Engine

The MV10 725 is the most powerful gasoline engine certified by the EU-RCD for use in Europe.

Front Accessory Drive

Ilmor MV10 engines feature a front accessory drive with a serpentine auto-tensioning belt system for overall increased efficiency and simplified serviceability.


The Ilmor "Indy®" Stern Drive package is compatible with a variety of high-performance marine engines, up to a maximum of 800 HP.

"INDY®" high-performance stern drive

The uniquely designed Ilmor "INDY®" high-performance stern drive is the most efficient high-performance drive available, and is compatible with all Ilmor MV10 engines.

Polished Aluminum Intake

Polished aluminum intake manifolds are available on all Ilmor MV10 engines.

Polished Pulley System

The custom polished pulley system is available on all MV10 engines.

Power Steering

All Ilmor MV10 engines come standard with power steering.

Six Available Color Upgrades

All Ilmor MV10 engines come standard in Ilmor Red, with six available additional color upgrades. Custom colors are also available upon request.

Stainless Headers

Custom polished CMI stainless "sport-tube" headers standard on all Ilmor MV10 engines.

Superior Gimbal Ring

The "INDY®" Stern Drive gimbal ring is uniquely designed with the largest steering and trim rams available on high performance drives.

Ultra-Low Emissions

The Gen IV Ilmor MV10 engines have a 3-Star, Ultra-Low Emissions certification from the California-ARB. All Ilmor MV10 engines are EPA certified and EU-RCD certified.

8.4L Block

The Ilmor MV10 engine is the only V10 gasoline marine engine available for high-performance boating.

"INDY®" Stern Drive

Every Ilmor High-Performance Marine engine and "INDY®" Stern Drive comes standard with a one-year limited warranty, and a three-year emissions warranty.

Water Recovery

Ilmor Gen IV engines come standard with the stylishly integrated, polished aluminum water recovery tank.
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In 2016, Ilmor discontinued new production MV10 engines and “INDY Stern Drive systems.” However, parts, service, support and warranty coverage will continue to all existing customers. For additional information, please contact Ilmor at 844-GO-ILMOR (464-5667).  


Ilmor's Legacy Marine engines stand alone in performance, appearance, reliability and efficiency.

Ilmor first entered the high-performance Legacy Marine world in 2002 with the MV10, a unique engine based on the breathtaking V-10 powerplant found in the Dodge Viper. Over the following years, our team of innovative marine engineers has continued making refinements and advancements to deliver even more horsepower and torque from the same lightweight package. In 2005, the MV10 625 was born, followed in 2006 by the MV7-10.

In 2009, Ilmor introduced the Generation IV MV10 650 and MV10 725 engines, which are compliant with all California, EPA, and European Union RCD emission regulations. These fuel-efficient engines are cleaner, more powerful, and created to work in perfect unison with the Ilmor "INDY®" Stern Drive and transmission system.

Ilmor has also expanded its competitive tradition into powerboat racing, winning World Championships in both the Powerboat P1 and APBA/SBI (USA) racing series with manufacturing partners like Fountain Worldwide and Chaudron Powerboats.


Standard Features

  • Unique V-10 configuration
  • All aluminum construction
  • Lightweight (810 lbs., [367 kg]), including headers and all fluids
  • Naturally-aspirated for greater efficiency
  • Closed oil and engine water cooling system – for optimum engine temperature control and maximum corrosion protection
  • Custom appearance package fitted to all engines:
    • 5 custom colors available
    • Micro-polished intake manifold
    • Carbon fiber accessory covers
    • Polished pulley system
    • Polished CMI stainless "sport-tube" headers
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Complete with Ilmor Legacy "INDY®" Stern Drive system

All Ilmor Generation IV Marine engines are Emission Certified

The Gen IV MV10 engines have passed all required certification tests for California, achieving a 3-Star, Ultra-Low certification level, for the EPA, and for all countries of the European Union.


All Ilmor Generation IV Marine engines come standard with the "ICE" System

Our "ICE" System serves as the control center for all Ilmor Legacy Marine powertrain components, delivering advanced engine and vessel control, as well as simplified installation of drive-train products.

Service and Warranty

Every Ilmor Legacy Marine engine and drive comes standard with a one-year engine limited warranty, and a three-year emissions warranty.